leaves me with only personal experiences as evidence, and really, these aren't terribly convincing either. All the same, I'd like to offer two. The first is my failure to convince friends to quit meat. The second is my own difficulty in doing the same.

Two years ago I became a vegan, and this seemed like such a fabulously good idea that I immediately set out to convert all my friends. Most were kind enough to at least listen, but during that time, not a single person quit. This was a letdown, but even more discouraging was that many people actually agreed with my arguments. They acknowledged that compelling environmental, health, and moral reasons existed for reducing meat consumption, and a few even agreed they should quit meat entirely. Nonetheless, all continued to eat it anyway, and when pressed for an explanation, they could only offer the following excuse: "Meat tastes to good to quit." And it was then that I first suspected that meat was addictive.

Of course, the idea should have occurred to me long ago. After all, my own

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