that happens, though, here are a few facts to consider about the environmental impact of the beef industry.

  • Nearly half of the total amount of water used annually in the U.S. goes to grow feed and provide drinking water for cattle and livestock.
  • In the US, 33% of all raw material consumption is used solely in the production of meat, egg, and dairy products.
  • The annual beef consumption of an average American family of four requires more than 260 gallons of fuel. The result is 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, or about as much as the average car over a six month period.
  • According to some estimates, supplying the entire world with a western, meat-centered diet would deplete the planet's oil reserves within ten years.
  • From 1995 to 1997, more than forty animal waste spills killed some 10.6 million fish.
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