Like the man-eating lions on display, we human beings are, to some extent, exactly what we eat. And though our meals aren't half as gruesome as the lions', our bones, muscles, and organs are still very much the product of our diet. I don't pretend to understand protein synthesis, but I do know that hair grows one half-inch a month. And this means that vegan hair grows that half-inch from fruits, grains, vegetables, and nuts while carnivore hair grows from animal flesh. I find the idea of the former far more attractive, and I think other people do too. After all, fancy salon shampoos list fruits and vegetables and flowers in the ingredients, not tortured cuts of meats.

Another thing to consider is that vegan food itself is probably sexier than meat. While a tomato suggests a woman's behind, a rump roast is, well, a behind. And I'm not sure if there's anything less sexy than that Chef Boyarde. The Chef himself is attractive enough in his own way, but eating canned animal flesh that has sat on a grocer's self at room temperature for several months is not. I'd sooner encounter a woman gnawing on her own

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