What is Meat Addiction?

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Everyone now knows that smoking will kill you. Most people also understand that a lifetime spent eating meat isn't much healthier. Few Americans, however, seem to realize that every year meat-related diseases kill twice as many people as tobacco. And perhaps that's why I've never seen a public service announcement encouraging people to quit meat, or a congressman suggest a meat tax, or a state bring a public health lawsuit against Big Beef. Then again, this apathy towards eat might be explained by a very simple misunderstanding. Perhaps Americans believe that unlike tobacco, meat is not addictive. If so, I'm here to tell you otherwise. My name is Tyler Cole, and I'm a recovering meat addict.

I should first admit, though, that calling meat addictive is ridiculous. Obviously I have no medical proof. My doctor laughed at the idea, and the afternoon I spent on the internet also revealed nothing on the subject. This

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