Health Reasons to be Vegetarian

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Anyone who claims that living healthy requires living meat free is lying. While it's true that meat-linked diseases cause sixty percent of American deaths, it's also true that millions of moderate meat eaters live long and healthy lives. Many doctors, in fact, will argue that a sensible, low-meat diet is even healthier than a vegetarian diet. Nonetheless, I can still think of at least one good health reason to quit eating meat entirely. By doing so you potentially avoid a sudden, painful death accompanied by abdominal cramping and bloody diarrhea.

Every day in the United States, some 200,000 people suffer food poisoning. Nine hundred of these people are hospitalized, and roughly 14 die. The vast majority of these incidents can be directly traced to meat consumption, and for a very simple reason. More often that not, processed meat contains shit. Removing the stomach from an animal carcass is tricky, and doing the

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