Moral Reasons to be Vegetarian

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I've never had much luck arguing that eating animals is immoral. People either feel compassion for cows, pigs, and chickens or they don't. So instead of adding further noise to the already confusing din of animal rights tub beating, I'd rather argue that the morality of eating meat has little to do with animals at all. The moral issue is not a question of treating animals more like people. Rather, it's the absolute necessity that we begin treating people less like animals.

One thing that's certain about the nine billion farm animals raised in the United States each year is that very few go hungry. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for over one sixth of the world's population. While US livestock grow bellies that touch the ground, a billion people worldwide suffer malnutrition. While foie gras farmers use funnels to force feed ducks, sixty million people will die from starvation and related diseases this year alone.

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