scientists to grow giant, genetically modified tomatoes nor develop ways to harvest corn on the moon. World hunger is a problem of distribution, and, as such, can be solved only with conscience. We simply need to stop feeding farm animals all our food. Of course, the food industry is unlikely to listen to any argument but economics, so the individual wanting change is left with only one choice. He or she must buy less meat.

Unlike fruits, grains, and vegetables, meat is not a primary source food. Every meal that includes an animal product is a meal that you eat twice, with a cow, pig, or chicken digesting the first course. I may only speak for myself, but as long as some people are unable to enjoy food even once a day, eating food twice a meal seems immoral. I imagine it's probably unchristian, unkosher, and unmuslim too. If nothing else, over consumption certainly qualifies as a deadly sin, especially considering that many Americans eat meat well past the point of obesity. And while pointy-tailed devils may eventually punish gluttony with an eternity of force-fed snakes, toads, and rats, I doubt that's much consolation to the world's hungry.

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