Are Vegans Sexier than Meat Eaters?

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Several years ago, back when I was still eating animals, I visited the Chicago Field Museum to see an exhibit on man-eating lions. A Hollywood film had just been made about the animals, and according to both the movie and an exhibit sign, the museum's two cats had lived particularly ferocious lives. In 1898 they stalked and killed over 130 railroad workers, and yet, despite their ferocious history, the stuffed lions weren't scaring anyone. Museum visitors were smiling and posing for photos with the famous lions, and, if I had had a camera, I would have probably done the same. This was because they were adorable. Apparently the lions had been used as rugs for a number of years, and by the time they were sewn back together, they'd grown both smaller and cuter. I even reached across the Plexiglas barrier to touch one, but stopped when a sudden thought scared the pants off me. The lions' skin, fur, teeth, and nails had all been grown, nourished, and vitamined by human flesh.

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